The Advantages of Digital Technology in Pediatric Dentistry

Digital advances in Pediatric Dentistry are amazing. Not only do they provide for patient comfort, they create opportunities for Pediatric Dentists to provide better treatment.


Digital X-Rays
The cutting-edge technology of digital X-rays, also known as digital radiography, enables the Pediatric Dentist to take crisp X-ray images of the teeth, supporting bone and gums and download them instantaneously into the computer without delay, thus eliminating the need for environmentally-harmful film and chemical development. It also allows dentists to magnify and enhance images to review specific dental issues, and instantly transfer them to a patient’s file or dental specialist such as the child’s orthodontist.


Digital X-rays are faster and safer than traditional X-rays, reducing the exposure to radiation by up to 90%.


Digital Photography
The intra-oral camera allows a patient to see what the dentist sees: their mouth from the inside. These photographs can also be enlarged and enhanced to show detail, creating better means of communication and documentation. Since they are not X-rays, there is no radiation involved. The camera is additionally used for “before” and “after” photos, presentations, enhanced diagnosis, insurance claims, and education or monitoring with parents and patients concerning overall dental health.


Digital Panoramic X-Rays
Panoramic digital X-rays show the health status of all the teeth in one film. Used primarily to show the upper and lower jaw, the TMJ and the sinus areas, to record existing condition and detect abnormalities of the developing teeth, salivary glands, cysts, displaced teeth follicles, etc.


They are especially helpful for children who have orthodontic problems, or those who have medical or behavioral special needs that interfere with their ability to cooperate for intra-oral x-rays. Images are taken externally, and no film is required to be put into the mouth.


In addition, there are ways Pediatric Dentists use digital technology that you might not have thought about:


Digital/Electronic Dental Records
Use of technology also makes it easier to manage our pediatric dental practice using digital files, file-sharing capabilities, scheduling, records management, and insurance filing. Our paperless practice and electronic software enables patients to thoroughly complete their paperwork right from home rather than having to feel rushed or distracted after arriving at the dental office. This saves time and allows for more detailed conversations with the dentist. The dentist also has access to the paperwork and can review your medical history details ahead of time.


Digital Entertainment
Pop into World Pediatric Dental and you’ll find plenty of entertainment options for young patients in the form of Wi-Fi, iPads in the children’s play area, a theater area, our world famous EyePlay Interactive Floor, and TVs at every chair. These devices not only make a visit to the dentist more enjoyable, they can serve as a comforting distraction.


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