As modern dentistry continues to evolve, Dr. Dutta is better able to detect small dental problems before they become big ones. What this means for our patients is that treatment is generally quicker and more comfortable. What it means for their parents is that treatment is less expensive.


At World Pediatric Dental, we are pleased to provide our patients with the most modern, up-to-date dental technology, including digital x-rays.


What Are the Benefits of Digital X-Rays?


A visual inspection while conducting an examination is certainly important, but an x-ray is the only way Dr. Dutta can see cavities between the teeth. A digital x-ray is also the only way to tell how much decay has spread throughout the tooth and whether a filling will take care of the cavity or additional treatment is needed.


Digital x-rays are much more sensitive than x-rays of yesterday, making it possible to see tooth decay and bone loss that would not have been visible in the past. Now these areas are revealed, making it easier for your dentist to make a diagnosis.


In addition, Dr. Dutta can view digital x-rays immediately after they are taken. Digital x-rays can also be viewed in larger formats. If treatment is needed, the x-rays can easily be sent to your insurance company so there are no delays in waiting for approval.


Digital radiography has not only made the x-ray process faster, but these modern machines give off substantially less radiation. Even so, Dr. Dutta still takes all necessary steps to protect your child, including using a lead apron.


How Are X-Rays Taken on Small Children?


Very young children can usually sit on their parent’s lap during the process. Older children can usually sit in the chair by themselves.


If a child is particularly uncooperative or has special needs, Dr. Dutta will first conduct a visual examination. If a potential problem is detected and he feels that an x-ray is needed to further identify the issue, he will make another attempt to try it. If your child is still anxious, he might recommend sedation.


Oral conscious sedation or nitrous oxide are both safe ways to keep a child calm so an x-ray can be taken. They can help children relax and can make the entire process quite pleasant for them. Dr. Dutta will discuss these options with your thoroughly beforehand. Your child’s safety is of utmost importance to us.


How Safe Are Digital X-Rays?


It’s natural for parents to be concerned about the safety of x-rays. Today’s modern digital radiographs put out an extremely small amount of radiation. In addition, your child will be protected at all times with a lead apron.


Digital x-rays are imperative for assessing your child’s complete oral health. Not taking x-rays and overlooking a problem that could become serious is far more dangerous for your child in the long run.


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