You want the best for your children and their well-being, and preventive dental care sets them up for a lifetime of good oral health. At World Pediatric Dental, we work hard to make sure you and your children have the information you need to protect your little one’s smiles.


Good preventive care starts when children are young and not only protects their oral health today but can also prevent dental problems down the road.


Pediatric dentist Dr. Dutta knows how to identify problems in their earliest stages, making treatment more affordable and more comfortable for your child. Our entire team loves working with children and their parents to start good dental habits that last a lifetime.


Cleanings and Dental Exams


We like to start seeing children around the time of their first birthday—or whenever their first tooth erupts. At this young age, we can get them accustomed to the sights, sounds, and smells of the dental office. Getting them comfortable at the dentist when they are young goes a long way in preventing dental anxiety as an adult.


We recommend that children have dental cleanings and examinations every six months. This enables Dr. Dutta to detect dental issues while they are still small. Generally, the smaller the problem, the easier and less expensive the treatment.


Hygiene Instruction for Children and Adults


When your children are young, you will need to help them care for their teeth. We provide you with the instruction you’ll need so you can learn how to brush your child’s teeth properly. Most children do not have the proper dexterity for brushing on their own until they are about eight years old.


Once they are old enough to brush their own teeth, we will make sure they have the tools to do so properly. Regular examinations will give Dr. Dutta an opportunity to make sure chldren are staying on track with their oral care.


Protective Dental Sealants


Children who have particularly deep grooves in their teeth can benefit from have a protective dental sealant applied. Dental sealants can also provide protection from cavities in children who eat high-acid and sugary foods or who are otherwise at risk of developing cavities.


Dental sealants, clear plastic coatings placed over the molars, cost much less than fillings. They can last as long as five years and can be reapplied if necessary.


Preventative Fluoride Treatments


Fluoride is believed to be an important part of protecting tooth enamel. It can also help in preventing cavities.


Not all children need preventive fluoride treatments; Dr. Dutta will assess your children’s teeth as well as their history of tooth decay to determine whether a preventive fluoride treatment is necessary.


Call Us Today for an Appointment


If your child’s first tooth has erupted or his or her first birthday is approaching, give us a call to make a first examination appointment. Our pediatric team looks forward to getting to know your entire family. Call Dr. Dutta and World Pediatric Dental today!

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