girl-in-blue-dressBringing your children to the dentist once their teeth start coming in can be a bit scary. Some parents themselves suffer from dental anxiety, which can easily be passed on to their children.

Most children have no idea what to expect at the dentist. This is where a pediatric dentist can be helpful.


One of the benefits of taking your children to a pediatric dentist is that these specialists have received extra training beyond what a general dentist receives.


Another important advantage is that a pediatric dentist loves working with children. Having a dentist whose primary focus is on children’s dentistry can go a long way toward ensuring your children feel good about visiting the dentist, from their first visit as a young child all the way through adulthood.


There are plenty of people who go through their lives without receiving proper dental care. In most cases, this is because of their anxiety over visiting the dentist. Building a good relationship with the dentist as a child means there is a better chance of continuing a good relationship with the dentist as an adult.


Pediatric dentist Oshmi Dutta has received special training to make your child’s visits to the dentist something they will look forward to. His team loves working with children.


Your Child’s First Visit to a Pediatric Dentist


From the moment your child walks through our door, we want him or her to be relaxed and comfortable. Our office environment was made for fun, from the entertainment childrenwill find in the waiting room to the televisions in each of the treatment rooms. Everything was designed with the idea of keeping children calm and happy in mind.


In spite of our fun atmosphere, we know the signs and sounds of the dental office can be a bit scary. The first visit is designed to teach children what it is all about—and to show them there is nothing to fear.


After making your child feel comfotable, Dr. Dutta will conduct a quick examination. He will talk to your child in such a way as to help reduce fears and to make them feel calm.


Dr. Dutta and his team will also take some time to talk to you about the oral health of your child and to let you know how it is progressing. They will demonstrate how best to brush your little one’s teeth and answer any questions you might have


Advanced Technology to Make Visits Easier and More Comfortable Than Ever


We pride ourselves on maintaining an office that provides creature comforts to make children happy and advanced dental technology to make their visit as quick and efficient as possible.


We offer digital x-rays to ensure we are getting a complete overview of your child’s dental health.


We also provide oral conscious sedation and general anesthesia for those situations that warrant sedation dentistry.


Call World Pediatric Dental to Make an Appointment


Help your children establish a great relationship with the dentist that can last a lifetime. Take them to a pediatric dentist!


Dr. Dutta and the entire team at World Pediatric Dental look forward to showing your children that going to the dentist can be fun! Give us a call today.

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