At the age of 3 we begin taking x-rays every 6 months; only with the cooperation of your child. The comprehensive exams, cleanings and fluoride application are coupled with the use of digital x-rays and pictures to enable a more well rounded and informed diagnosis plan. It is important to take digital x-rays at an early age to properly diagnose any conditions not visible in an visual exam. Furthermore, they also assist us in evaluating growth and development patterns. Often times cavities are left undetected due to the lack of pictures. Not only do they detect caries but also, their growth and development patterns. We will also be taking your child’s photograph along with pictures of their teeth for documentation and educational purposes; this will also aid in submitting claims for your insurance, upon request. The child will at this point be introduced to a slightly different dental cleaning experience that will now include the use of dental cleaning instruments. Depending on your child’s oral hygiene and habits we will either continue seeing them every 3 months to continue monitoring closely or they will graduate onto our 6 month re-care program.

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