childs-teeth-dental-instrumentMany parents aren’t sure when they should first bring in their children to see the dentist. We agree with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry’s recommendation that children first come to a dental office when their first tooth erupts or sometime around their first birthday.


Bringing children in to see the dentist for those early appointments is a great way to build trust and get children comfortable in the dentist’s office. We like to make the visit fun for children and parents alike, making both feel at home in our enjoyable atmosphere.


A lot of adults do not receive proper dental care, and this often stems from anxiety they feel over visiting the dentist. Establishing a good relationship with the dentist from an early age often means a lifetime of good oral health care.


Pediatric dentist Oshmi Dutta has received special training to make your child’s visits to the dentist something they will look forward to; he loves working with children. Our office was designed with children and fun in mind!


Bringing Your Child to the Dentist for the First Time

If you have your own anxieties about going to the dentist, please try to keep those to yourself so you do not unduly influence your children. Apprehensive parents often mean apprehensive children, and we hope to avoid that altogether.


When your children have their first dental appointment, our team will spend some time with them as they grow accustomed to the sights and sounds of the dentist’s office. Dr. Dutta will perform a quick examination, then spend some time brushing your little one’s teeth. He will speak to your children in terms they can understand to help reduce any fears they might be feeling about being in a dental office.


Dr. Dutta and his team will also make sure parents understand how best to take care of their children’s teeth at home. If you have questions, be sure to bring these up during the visit.


Depending on the age of your child, Dr. Dutta might recommend a fluoride treatment or sealant application to help keep cavities at bay. He will also check to make sure your child’s oral health is progressing as it should.


kids-on-water-slideHelping Uncooperative Children

If you expect your child to be uncooperative or agitated the first time visiting the dentist, it’s still important to bring them. If Dr. Dutta is unable to examine your child, he can still show him or her around the office and otherwise make their visit to the dentist a happy and positive one. Often your child’s next visit will be a much different experience as trust has already been established.


Call Us to Make an Appointment for Your Children


Get your children started on a lifelong path of good oral health by bringing them in to see the dentist around the age of one year. Dr. Dutta and the entire team at World Pediatric Dental look forward to showing your children that the dental office is not a scary place. Give us a call today!

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