Do baby teeth really matter?

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Infants start getting their first teeth around the 6-12 month mark. You might ask yourself do baby teeth really matter? After all, these teeth’s destiny is to fall out and be replaced by the permanent teeth. Baby teeth, however, do serve a very important function and the proper care of them set your child up for the best oral and overall health.


Encourage Proper Nutrition

A baby’s teeth start to come out around the 6-12 month area and at this age is when your child’s eating habits and nutritional needs begin to change. The sixth month mark is when breastfeeding is no longer enough for your child. This is the time in your child’s life when you should begin to bring solid foods into their life.


When your child can start to chew, around 8 months old, is when your child will start eating things like pureed fruits and other vegetables. As your child’s teeth grow and they get more adept at chewing and progress through 12 months of age, you can then add bread, cereal and other adult foots to their diet.


How long are baby teeth there and why should you take care of them?

Baby teeth are there longer than you think! A babies teeth begin to erupt around 8 months and believe it or not they are there for up to 5-6 years! Their last baby teeth come in around the 32 month mark and are there until your child turns 10-12 years of age! Its so vital in that they are properly taken care of because baby teeth aid in forming a path that your child’s permanent teeth will follow when they are ready to erupt. If your child’s baby teeth are not properly managed the permanent teeth might not erupt the way they should and this could least to costly Orthodontics when your child gets older!


Proper way to Take Care of Baby Teeth

Your child’s teeth baby teeth are already in their mouth at birth you just can not see them because they have not broken through the gums yet. So because they are present, believe it or not, your baby can already get cavities if you do not practice proper oral hygiene from the very beginning. Here are a few things to give your child proper oral hygiene:

  • Do not let your child fall asleep with a bottle in their mouth! It’s the number one cause for baby tooth decay! It happens when those drinks with sugar or natural sugar like milk cling to a child’s teeth. The bacteria in the teeth thrive on this sugar and make acids that attack the tooth.

  • Brush your kids teeth twice a day, morning and night! This takes care of their teeth and also promotes proper oral hygiene that your child will follow as they get older!

  • As soon as you see your child has two teeth touching begin to floss! ¬†Food particles get stuck between teeth and create¬†the perfect environment for the growth of bacteria that causes cavities! A toothbrush can not reach everything. Flossing should primarily be done at night before bed.

  • We see infants at World Pediatric Dental at six months or when the first tooth erupts so as soon as either one happens please call and schedule your baby’s first dentist appointment at the best baby dental office in San Antonio!

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