Food for a Healthy Smile

Food-for-a-healthy-smile-World-Pediatric-DentalConcerned parents often ask Dr. Dutta about which kinds of snacks are best for a child’s teeth. While most understand that candy isn’t always the best choice, many parents are confused about which kinds of after-school snacks can actually be good for teeth. Left for their own devices, children might find the sugary snack that will come in colorful packaging. You can find, however, choices which are definitely better for the child’s teeth. Below is a list of food for a healthy smile.


Go Natural

The foods which are best for the children’s teeth will also be the best due to their overall health. Choosing whole foods, such as for example fruits and vegetables, is obviously the best option for snacks. Try sticks of celery and let your children dip it into all-natural peanut butter, or a juicy and crunchy apple cut into wedges.


Lean Proteins

Lean protein, such as for example chicken white meat, fish, turkey, and lean cuts of pork also make good snacking options. To discover the best all around health, avoid giving your youngster lots of lunch meats, because such products in many cases are higher in sodium. However, these proteins will also be low in sugar, which will be always a preferable choice when it comes to teeth.


Avoid Packaged Foods

Sugars are unhealthy partly because they stick morereadily to the surface of the teeth. Even foods that seem to be healthy, such as for example many brands of granola bars, can in reality be laden with hidden sugars. Sugar may also be present in higher concentrations in dried fruit, honey, and syrups. The rule is that if a foodstuff has been altered in any way from its original state then you can find perhaps better choices.



Drinks are another murky area. Parents often presume that fruit juices are a suitable beverage when the truth is many of them are laden with excessive sugar as well. The best beverages for the child’s teeth are water and low-fat milk. Milk has the added good thing about containing calcium, which will be highly good for the bone structure that supports the teeth.


An apple a day might keep the physician away, however it is also a good snack to keep teeth healthy. The very next time your young ones are looking for an after-school snack, guide them toward healthier, low-sugar options which are beneficial for their all around health and their teeth.

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