A happy first visit at World Pediatric Dental

Girl having teeth examined at dentists


Toddlers are naturally  leery  about strangers, but their first dental visit should not be cause for fear and tears. 

These few tips will make your toddler’s trip to see us at World Pediatric Dental in Stone Oak   fun and stress free.

1. Before you make a dental appointment for your child, come for a visit and take a tour of our office.  Let your son or daughter experience the office and get the lay of the land. Toddlers don’t like surprises, but if your little one is already familiar with the big chair that goes up and down, the next time he or she will have no problem taking a seat.

2. About the big dental chair … well, it’s really an amusement park ride. See how it goes up and down? Toddlers love games, and turning the trip to the dentist into a game is among the oldest (and most successful) tricks in the parent playbook.

3. Positive reinforcement is a good thing. That’s why Dr. Dutta and our staff hand out cool toothbrushes or stickers to children after their appointment. Picking a prize from our huge toy wall and a goodie bag are good incentives to come back for another cleaning.

4. Timing is everything. Don’t take your child to the dentist an hour before the daily nap. Make the appointment with your child’s schedule in mind. This increases the chances of success.

5. A few days before the scheduled appointment, start reading your toddler bedtimes stories about what happens at the dentist. Dora the Explorer’s Show Me Your Smile, written by Christine Ricci, is a popular dental story that your child might relate to. Also check out  your dental insurance’s website for educational videos and games that are designed to get your child excited about their visit.

6. Information is key to a happy visit. You can call us with any questions or email us at info@worldpediatricdental.com so we may answer any questions you may have concerning your child’s first dental visit.

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