Love your teeth on Valentine’s Day with your Pediatric Dentist

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and just like any other holiday, it is a time when sugary sweets and candies flow generously. Whether it’s your child’s classmates at school passing out sweet Valentines or his favorite auntie giving him a giant chocolate heart to show her love, your child will be surrounded with more sweets than you can control. While chocolate covered strawberries, gummy bears and candy hearts are quite tasty, they aren’t the best choices for his oral health. We understand that you are probably not going to have him skip out on this sugary holiday, so we would like to share with you some information on the sugary treats he may receive this Valentine’s Day. As a pediatric dentist we understand how much kids love candy!

A few of the most common treats your children may receive this holiday include: chocolate, chocolate covered fruit, hard candy, and sticky candy. It is important to remember that while all of these sugary treats are delicious, they can do some damage to his overall oral health if not eaten in moderation. Hard and sticky candies are known for coating teeth with sugar and have the tendency to be hard to remove. Also, even though you might think it the best idea and solution after allowing your child to enjoy more sweets today, it very important to know not to brush his teeth immediately after eating candy. By doing so, you can brush away the enamel on the teeth. Instead, rinse his mouth out with water to get the sugary residue off the teeth. Your pediatric dentist recommends brushing after an hour after eating the treats.

For the treats and snacks that you do have control over, here are some delicious alternatives to sugary snacks and sweets that your pediatric dentist recommends.
This Valentine’s day:
Substitute chocolates with red berries in a heart shaped box.
Make heart-shaped sandwiches by using a heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut out whole grain bread, ham, cheese and vegetables.
Small cakes are fine, but substitute the oil or frosting with healthier alternatives, like applesauce, for a more fibrous and nutritious cake.
Griddle your child’s morning egg in a heart-shaped cookie cutter. Add a piece of whole wheat toast, and you can get eggs in a nest – the Valentine’s Day version!
Swap candy toppings on sundaes and ice cream with fresh fruits, nuts, and honey. Better yet, swap the ice cream with frozen yogurt.
Make whole-wheat, heart-shaped pancakes and top them with strawberry jam instead of syrup to make them look more festive.
Real fruit juice can be used to make wonderful, heart-shaped ice pops.
Dip small pieces of fruits in dark chocolate for a nutritious, chocolate snack.
Freeze juice in heart-shaped ice cube trays, and serve them in carbonated water. It is a fantastic replacement for soda, and your child will love the festive juice cubes.
Replace dips and syrups with yogurt and honey for a calcium and antioxidant boost.



Allowing your child to indulge his sweet tooth in moderation is not always bad, so enjoy seeing him have some sweets this Valentine’s.
If you find that he may have indulged too much over the weekend, please call us to set up an appointment. We at World Pediatric Dental wish you and yours a Happy and Sweet Valentine’s Day!

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