World Pediatric Dental Walkthrough

So you’ve stumbled upon this blog looking for a Pediatric Dentist for your child and want to know more about World Pediatric Dental. I thought today would be a good day to blog about our office and provide more information about who we are and what makes our office stand out.


What is World Pediatric Dental?

We are a new children’s dentist office located here in San Antonio. Our office is the biggest and brightest in all  of children’s dental office in all of Stone Oak  and features many state of the art amenities not found anywhere else in San Antonio.










Where is World Pediatric Dental?

We are located at the corner of E. Sontera and Hardy Oak Blvd inside the beautiful Institute for Women’s Health Building, 3rd floor, Suite 305.


Meet Dr. Oshmi Dutta


Dr. Dutta is the Pediatric Dentist here at our office. He specializes in dealing with children and is a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist. Fun fact: Only 27% of children’s dentists are board certified by the ABPD. World-Pediatric-Dental-ABPD-Logo

Dr. Dutta is extremely  passionate about bringing the latest and greatest technology to San Antonio in order to improve the patient and parent experience. If you would like to  know more about our wonderful Doctor you can click here and read more.


What sets your office apart from other children’s dentists?

I’m so glad you asked! Let me give you a walk through of our office and by the end I’m sure you will love it as much as we do!


Our Office

As soon as you walk in the door to our office you are greeted by beautiful, vibrant colors and a very open, modern environment.



The bright colors provide a very pleasant atmosphere and helps to relax your child as soon as they walk through the door. A big screen television on the main pillar for both parents and kids to watch movies on while they wait to be seen. What’s that in left corner? I’m glad you  asked!







Our Xbox 360 with Kinect for kids to interact with and use their body as the controller! Get ready to get behind center and play in the NFL, step into the batter’s box and crack a home run,or set your feet in the tee box and launch a 300 yard drive. With many more games not listed above your child will feel right at home in our office. Children who are relaxed and not  nervous have a much higher positive experience and we do everything we can to ensure they feel safe in our office. We don’t just have our Kinect though; let me show you our most popular activity at World Pediatric Dental. It’s something we are very proud to have!



The EyePlay by Eyeclick

World Pediatric Dental Eyeplay 1








Our interactive floor, the EyePlay! Powered by Eyeclick, kids use their legs to play our variety of games! Children of all ages love to play on the EyePlay! The positive feedback we have gotten from it has been amazing. Most of the time the kids do not even want to leave after their appointment;they would rather stay and play! Come by our office and try it for yourself! P.S. You can play too Mom & Dad.


OK so you’re probably thinking that we couldn’t possibly have more, but oh we do! Soon we will have iPads stationed throughout the office for kids to use while waiting. Look at what you see as soon as you and your child walk through our glass doors to start your dental appointment.



Toys, toys, toys, toys everywhere! This is our toy wall for kids to pick out a toy or two when they finish their appointment. We are constantly striving to do everything we  can in our office to make this the best dental experience your child has ever had.




Our qualified and amazing dental assistants will walk you and your child back to take pictures and if needed, x-rays. Factoid: There’s a common misconception about x-rays and radiation. With our state of the art equipment your child is  now exposed to just a fraction of radiation. It is the same amount of radiation as eating two bananas!



After they get their pictures taken you are walked over to our luxurious dental chairs where you and your child will wait to be seen by our Hygienist and Doctor, but don’t worry all the fun wasn’t up front. Look up! A television above every chair so your child can watch their favorite movie, continuing their experience while waiting to be seen!


World Pediatric Dental Hygiene hygiene longshot








After you meet with our Doctor and he speaks with you about your child’s teeth the experience isn’t over yet! Oh, I almost forgot something mom & dad we offer free coffee, lattes or hot chocolates for you and your family! OK, back on track now. Once you’ve seen the Doctor remember that toy wall from earlier? Well, now its time for your child to pick any toy they want and take it home with them! They also get a balloon to help them remember how awesome their trip to the dental office was.




Get your toy and walk back through the glass doors where our amazing front desk staff will check you and your child out, but be quick because as soon as you know it your child will be back playing on the Kinect, or the EyePlay, and once that happens they won’t want to leave!





And that my friends is what a visit to World Pediatric Dental is like from start to finish for you and your child. Hopefully by the end of this blog you are impressed with our office and would like to come by and take a tour, or setup your child for an appointment. Have you been to our office before or are you thinking about coming after reading this post? Leave a comment below and let us know. We would like to thank all our current moms, dads and kiddos for choosing World Pediatric Dental and we hope you choose us as well for your children’s dental needs. Thank you for letting us serve you. Have a great day!

World Pediatric Dental
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